Our Approach

Our Approach

You could call this a silly idea but we believe we have something to offer EMS providers just like us. We're going to output current research through multiple forms of media including, but not limited to blog posts, podcasts, web demos, and videos using interviews with experts in the field, budding research, and scholarly journals; all tools to help keep today's best practices in emergency medicine available, accessible, and most importantly digestible to our users.

Our Story

Our Story

We are everyday providers just like you, searching for educational content that will enrich our minds at the same time changing our practice so that we are providing up to date, research based medicine to our patients giving them a chance at the best possible outcomes. Our stories will be told from the street, using live data, real patients, and real medicine to bring our users the best in emergency medicine education.

Meet the Team

We're everyday EMS professionals in search of better tools, techniques, and knowledge to provide the best possible patient care. We're constantly looking for impassioned providers to join our team.

Medic Johnson

Gregory S. Johnson 

Board Licensed EMS Instructor

Certified Flight Paramedic

Critical Care Paramedic

Greg has 13+ years of experience in EMS as a provider and in education. Greg currently resides in Rutherford County, TN where he serves as the Program Coordinator for the EMS Academy at Columbia State Community College. Greg is also practicing as a Critical Care Paramedic with Rutherford County EMS and Vanderbilt Lifeflight.